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Certified ISO 9001 we provide our clients with an experienced international service consisting of a native speaker, a bilingual "notaire" and bilingual secretary...


Our Area Of Expertise

Being very much aware that laws and procedures are very different from one country to another despite the proximity, it is only to be expected that clients may have queries prior to or after signing a contract. Our international service is dedicated to helping non-French clients in their contact with the French "notaire" and the French legal system.

English-speaking notaires / notaire
We are often called French solicitors or French notary publics.
Scope of activities:
Purchase / sale of real estate in France,
Sale of house / apartment, purchase of real estate, draft contracts, advice to investors, security and mortgage in France, structuring a French real estate, estate planning in France, tax planning in France, French property and estate planning, setting up a purchase of real property in France, Co-ownership, tontine, French real-estate company, French limited liability company, trust, will, partners contract in France...
French tax and real estate:
Foresee tax consequences of a purchase / sale of real estate, capital gain tax in France, VAT in France, VAT on real estate in France, gift tax, inheritance tax, wealth tax, tax on rental business in France, tax on renting an apartment / chalet, reclaiming/reimbursement of VAT in France...
Expert opinion on a ski-resort-based apartment / chalet’s value, we provide independent valuation of French real estate, legal survey of French property ...
Estate planning / tax planning:
Setting up a real-estate company/ a French SCI, set up a property holding company a French SARL, recommend and advise a real-estate investment in France, assist in tax-exemption investments, tax advantage on French real estate, Gift to spouse / children of real-estate assets in France, gift to surviving spouse... Reduce wealth tax in France, reduce inheritance tax in France, Potentially Exempt Transfer ("PET") and French gift, Potentially Exempt Transfer ("PET") and usufruit on French property.
Notaire’s costs calculation/ Notaries’ costs calculation/ Notaries costs calculation,
Notaire’s costs in an off plan sale/ notaire’s costs in a purchase of French property, notaire’s scale of fees, calculate the exact notaire fees...
Divorce in France/Make divorce easier by sharing the real-estate property,
Transferring an estate from one spouse to the other, disclose/display of a foreign divorce in France, register a decree in France, licitation in France, partage in France ...
Setting up a business in France,
Draft articles of association of a French company, set up a commercial company in France, set up a SARL...
Transfer an estate/French asset,
Gift/giving French real estate, French gift, French inheritance, French notaire in a gift, French notaire in an estate in France, Gift to spouses, Donation partage in France, donation entre époux in France, draft French will, execute French will drafting, execute foreign will in France, display foreign will in France, transfer of a French real estate, die ab intestat in France, French Gift / French inheritance tax issues, inheritance taxes, gift taxes, reduce the inheritance tax costs...
Property Taxes,
There are two types of property taxes in France, the taxe d´habitation and the taxe foncière. Any person owning a property in France on the 1st of january is liable for the payment of taxe foncière. Whoever actually resides in a building on the same date is obliged to pay every year the tax d´habitation. Generally, rental leases also provide that the tenant will reimburse the landlord for the taxe foncière, which is otherwise payable by the owner of the property. The tax foncière is a combination of tax for the building (taxe foncière bâtie) and for the land (taxe foncière non bâtie).


294 Avenue du Grand-Champ

Tél. : +33 (0)4 79 24 62 22


282 Rue des Carpières
F01170 SEGNY

Tél. : +33 (0)4 86 80 02 70

Our specific location: Notaire real estate ski resort in France, purchase / sale of a tourism residence in the alps, purchase / sale of a ski-resort-based chalet/apartment, purchase an apartment in Meribel, sell an apartment / chalet in Courchevel, chalet in Val d’Isère, Tignes, Les Arcs, La Plagne, Val Thorens, Les Menuires, Saint Martin des Belleville, Megeve, Valmorel, La Rosière, Sainte Foy tarentaise, Pralognan la Vanoise, invest in Brides les Bains, notaire in Moutiers, notaire in Salins-Fontaine...
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